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Blinds for the living room

My living room is very large and has three windows with lots of light. The walls are painted in a beige tone, and I would like to animate it with the blinds. What color do we put them on? We like bright colors, like red. Do we choose them plain or patterned?
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Cleaning and disinfection of mattresses

Sometimes, many of the purchases are motivated by reasons that can be solved with good cleaning. For example, regarding mattresses. Dust, mites and bad smells cause us to discard our mattress much earlier when it is simply a thorough cleaning one day. How to do it? We tell you.
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Color in the living room

I want to change the color of the walls of my living room. It is currently painted in neutral tones and I would like to try a more intense hue. The sofas are upholstered in maroon and pale yellow, and I have a piece of furniture with honey doors. I am weighing on painting this wall a different color than the others - perhaps, in garnet, like one of the sofas. What do you think?
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A house with a lot of color

I just moved to an old apartment in Barcelona. The floor is empty, so I have to buy all the furniture. My question is about the colors since the floors of the whole house are hydraulic mosaic. They are quite damaged and the colors look very muted. The predominant tones are black, red, yellow, beige, gray and green. The walls are painted in cream and the ceiling is white. Should I decorate the floor based on the colors of the floor? I like the most vivid tones, such as green, fuchsia, yellow or turquoise blue. What can I do to make it cheerful?
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